Week 8

W 8 March 5 & 7

T- Great Depression and Civil Rights Unionism: Beth Bates “Double_V_for_Victory” in Freedom North, eds. Jeanne F. Theoharis and Komozi Woodard, 17-40. John P Dean_Only Caucasian_ A Study of CovenantsFHA, Underwriting Manual; and Restrictive Covenants Stubbornly Stay on the Books

  1. What is the argument of Beth Bates “Double V for Victory”?
  2. How does it change the chronology of the civil rights movement?
  3. What was the “new crowd” and “march behavior”?
  4. How did it take organizational form?
  5. Who was Walter Hardin and R. J. Thomas, and how does their relationship reflect the tensions between the “new crowd” and white liberalism, in the form of gradualism and civility?

R-Midterm Review: History of Black America_Midterm Review_SP 19