Presidential Production: Barack and Michelle Obama Announce New Netflix Slate

As we have briefly talked about in President Obama in class, we haven’t discussed what Mr. and Mrs. Obama are doing post-presidency. Well, as it turns out, they’re going to be producing their own media and partnered with Netflix to make it happen! The production company, Higher Ground Productions, already has released some information on their top projects. The main two projects that are being filmed are “American Factory” and “Bloom”.  “American Factory” is a documentary set in late 2010’s Ohio, where a Chinese billionaire has set his eyes on opening a factory and hiring thousands of workers. “Bloom” is set in the post-World War II New York City, where young women and people of color race to hurdle over societal challenges.

While both shows are set in America, and show the challenges that working class Americans face, both differ from the perspective of societal differences and struggles of the working class. I am interested in seeing at least one of these works and how the production would vary from long time media productions.  As much as this does tie into the class, I simply found it interesting and wanted to bring up to those who were not aware!

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  1. This is a very interesting view. In class, we briefly discussed a little about Barack Obama and his presidency. As stated by Cameron, we have not dissussed anything about what he is doing in his post-presidency. I say this because I think it is really good that he is still doing things and being active. When speaking on Barack, it is usually about laws he passed and changes he made. It is about the results he got and the production he created. This media he is creating Is also creating another platform for black culture. is is putting another face out there in the media and gaining recognition. I went on to the link and read through it. This is my first time hearing of this so it must be getting too much media attention. Barack first signed the deal back in 2018 for a multiyear deal. They said they are planning on putting seven different projects into production. I would wonder if the film about life in Ohio would focus on social and economic life, or just about one person and their life. Having this brought to my attention was good. I believe if not for this post I would not have heard of it. When watching the film about post WWII, I could be able to make some connections from class.

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